Dahlia Katz


Dahlia Katz is a professional photographer, theatre director, dramaturg, and puppeteer, as well as teacher of such things. She's a leader and inspirer of people. She's an asker of difficult questions, a purveyor of honesty, joy, and art, and uses motion, language, and objects to affect and activate people. She has experienced success both as a freelancer and as the head of a charitable organization, and often finds a lot of poetic meaning in the coexistence of those two things in her life. There are a lot of important lessons to be learned from looking at the same thing from two different sides.

She's photographed performing arts, weddings, headshots, corporate events and faces, real estate, objects, hands, and pets.
She's directed theatre for saucy adults and silly children.
She's brought giant floating figures and tiny rocks to life.
Through it all is the human story: how we connect, what we are made of, what we want, where we live.


Dahlia is available to speak on the following topics:

Practical Imagination

Radical Optimism

How to Be a Student of Human Behaviour