Mehreen Shahid

Mehreen Shahid.jpg

Mehreen Shahid is an Orillia-based freelance writer, with a post-graduate degree in psychology. After moving to Canada in 2011, and owing to life circumstances, she switched careers and entered the field of journalism.

As an immigrant and a woman, making her way through Canadian society was challenging. Where dealing with a new culture, new language and new system was exciting, it required an attitude guided by improvisation and quick-thinking. Two marriages and two divorces had given Mehreen plenty of wisdom, or so she thought. There was plenty of learning still to be done.

Work brought her to small-town Orillia in 2015. The move opened up a world of opportunities and a chance for further self-development. As a reporter for the local newspaper, Mehreen was fortunate to be able to experience Canada in a way very few people have. Her job not only made her a feature at every local event, but the interaction with people also made her feel at home with the community.

Mehreen has moved on from the former Packet & Times, though she is very much a part of the community as a, freelancer, storyteller, board member, and volunteer in the local community.