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My story

Today, I have finally found a business that works for me, allows me to focus on the elements that bring me joy and allow me the freedom to work with the clients I want to work with. I get to hear interesting stories from people all over the world and help them use those stories to promote themselves, their work and their brand. I have a roster of incredible storytellers on my team who help others by telling their stories. I am lucky to be able to work with people 1-on-1 to find their passion and help them tell the world about it. It took time and self-discovery to get here. 

I grew up wanting to be a star, but I struggled with self-confidence. I would swing between being comfortable in the spotlight and wanting to run and hide. I decided to focus on the spotlight and go away to Theatre School, hoping it would train me out of my anxieties.

Theatre School at Simon Fraser University was a safe place for me to discover “who” I am, what drives me and what I wanted to do. I like to find the logic in storytelling and I am obsessed with character. I focused on playwriting and directing. Being a performer was rewarding, but I found more motivation in helping others have spectacular performances.

After school, as many, I milled around in a few jobs, mostly management, as I trained in telling people what to do, I kid…kinda. The management and organizational skills I gained from Theatre school were invaluable. That coupled with a Type A personality, a drive to help others and a need to be efficient, I quickly moved up in any company I joined. I was also running an independent theatre company on the side, which I was so driven to make successful, but I wasn’t finding my niche. It was not until I became a sales coach that I realized where I fit in. I love helping people communicate effectively and watching them succeed as a result. Branding, marketing, storytelling, speeches, elevator pitches: all these things filled me with electricity. Collaborating to make someone’s personality, communication and business goals sing in unison was my idea of a drug.

I left that position to take a year off and really focus on what I wanted to do. I think I was trying to come up with something that combined my passions and I was struggling to land on something that would allow a proper work/life balance. At this time it was becoming clear that city life was no longer for me. We were looking to move to cottage country, slow down a little, and enjoy our off hours.

The problem became, how would I make money? There are certainly jobs where I could be paid for what I did, but they were not enough money, the wrong hours, or the wrong fit for my personality.  I was constantly feeling stuck in jack-of-all-trades roles. I had to do 70% of the work that I did not enjoy to be able to do 30% of the work that I loved.

I realized that I had so much passion and experience to offer and I could combine my performing arts background with my business experience to create a company that is completely unique. I gathered some industry leading certifications and set to work building the kind of company I wanted to see in training and development.

Today, I get to love what I do 100% of the time. I am fortunate to work for myself and collaborate with people I admire and respect.

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I Offer...


1-on-1 coaching for outstanding individuals.

online programs to develop leadership and communication skills. 

corporate training workshops, increasing efficiency and job satisfaction.

event workshops, adding edutainment and a kinetic learning space.


 I am grateful for the journey that got me here and beyond excited for what the future will bring. 



MissioN Statement

Motivate professionals to tell their story, be inspiring leaders and support them in achieving professional paradise.



company Values

Work/Life Balance – We are respectful of people’s time and flexible with how and where we do business.


Inclusiveness – We support and celebrate differences in culture, race, sexuality and socio-economic background.


Integrity – We are honest and transparent in all we do.


Passion – We are passionate about helping others be successful.