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The following programs can run from 4 hour workshops to 3 day learning retreats depending on the depth of training and your specific goals. All programs can be adapted or combined to help you achieve your development needs. 

Personality DIMENSIONS®

Wish you could read people better? Struggle with understanding why you never get along with that one person in your life? Want to connect with clients faster and earn their trust with an ease you never imagined? You need to study Personalty Dimensions®! Learn about Inquiring Green, Organized Gold, Authentic Blue, Resourceful Orange. Your communication skills will improve dramatically and your new perspective will equip you for success in all your relationships. 

Relationship-Based Sales and Customer Service

Let us re-energize and motivate your sales and customer service teams! Refocus your team on the client and customer. With exciting exercises, sales theory and fun and engaging activities, your team will come away from this training with a more service oriented mindset and your clients will thank you for it. 

Out of the Box

A creative problem solving workshop. Looking to get your team to step forward and show more leadership? Let's get them to find their creativity and apply it to your business, differentiating you from your competition. We explore problem solving and look to the arts and non-business traditional avenues to allow us to break the confinement of the expected and open our minds to new ideas and approaches.

stay Cool

Are your people feeling burntout? Are they frequently sick? Tired? Staying late?Let's dive into stress relief and calming strategies for the workplace. We will review coping mechanisms and techniques to restore your work/life balance. This workshop is fantastic for team building and will improve the morale of your employees and increase your overall productivity.

Tell Me About It

Communication is key in any workplace, and having a team full of Master Communicators will help you achieve professional paradise! We work with your team to improve communication skills and effectiveness. Our team focuses on classic strategies for productive communication as well as understanding personality types and communication processes. 

What's My Motivation?

What's your why? What drives your ambition? We're all driven by different things and we all have our own life goals. This workshop digs into what your motivators are which will help you career plan, life plan and have more productive conversations with your employer, employees and/or clients. 

A culture of Trust

Studies have shown that when a culture of trust exists in a company, employee retention is higher, work stress is lower and success stories are abundant. This workshop geared towards managers and business owners focuses on avoiding micro-management, trust building with your team and understanding personality dynamics. 

BE the change

Calling all leaders! This workshop is for you. Your high performers will soak this up. Do you want your leaders making a positive change everyday in your workplace?We will introduce you to finding the fun at work, boosting morale, and leading the change when it comes. 

How to give good feedback

Your leaders need to feel empowered when giving feedback. This workshop explores the most effective ways to give clear and effective feedback. It will improve your relationship with your team and make your HR department jump with glee. For team leaders and managers.

Fail Your Way to Success

Want to experience super-fast growth? Learning from failure will lead to incredible success. Risk assessment and management is difficult for most of us. In this workshop we review ways to analyse risk in order to make educated leaps and important growth decisions for your organization or business. We review the importance of failure and the stigma that surrounds it. By the end of this workshop you will have a new mindset around what failure means and how to remove the roadblocks that are standing in your way to success.