What are people saying about License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission?

Beth Grixti - EFT Practitioner/Emotional Success Coach

“I am shocked at what I’ve unlocked! Risha has managed to create a 12 week program that contains all the tools needed to break through that self help barrier I had been blocked behind. License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission has given me an entirely new self-perspective. I have always been working on self improvement, I’ve read so many books, I’ve done so many exercises, nothing seemed to really get me there. But the way each week builds in Risha’s program it’s like “a-ha” after “a-ha”! The foundation that is needed before building up is why this program works, and continues to work. Yes, even in twelve short weeks!”

Kathleen Pollard - Actor

Photo by pink monkey studios

Photo by pink monkey studios

“Risha's coaching will truly guide you towards finding your best life. I never thought of myself as a leader before taking her course (License to Succeed, Lead Without Permission). But I was shocked with the self discoveries I made and how many new tools I have at my disposal to lead in my life, career, personal relationships - and feel like the confident, successful person I am. Risha's energy is second to none; she is a motivator, cheerleader, sage and friend all in one. She inspires you to succeed every step of the way. I can't recommend this work enough!!”

Olivia Neal - Entrepreneur/Business Owner

“Participating in Licence to Succeed: Lead Without Permission was the best decision I made for both myself and my business. It not only shows you what YOU are capable of but it also gives you a whole box full of tools to bring on success and help knock down all of your tried and true excuses in the process! I will be unpacking all of the information, reflection, strategies and connections I made during those 12 weeks for years to come. It is an opportunity that keeps on giving. When I signed up I felt burnt out and lacked confidence in my ability to achieve my goals but each week, Risha helped me to realize where I was holding myself back and why. My confidence ballooned throughout the course and I left knowing I am worthy of success. Thank you for your continued support & wisdom!”


Jenn Hogg - Arts Administration/Production and Stage Manager


“ I had never thought of “goal setting” as something I needed or was interested in. I had associated “goals” with “stuff”, you know, big mansion, a pool…fancy car, that kind of stuff. I never thought that it was something for personal achievement and I realize goal setting can also be for…personal milestones: Health and relationships. I didn’t think I had goals, but I definitely do now!”