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License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission

Learn my proven methods to being a respected and valued leader, get the recognition you deserve, and live the life that you want.


License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission is the essential personal development program for the woman who wants to stand out, be acknowledged and be emphatically herself.

You feel invisible or misunderstood…. You’re working long hours…. You’ve finally hit the wall and you feel like you’ve plateaued….

You’re dreaming about a life where you have the job you’ve always wanted, the life you’ve always wanted, with the salary to match, but you’re stuck in the same-old, same-old, you feel underappreciated and you can’t seem to get out of your rut…then you are in the right place.

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Dear Hidden Gem,

You are not alone.

You are generous, maybe too generous. You have time for everybody in your life, but not for yourself. You’re smart, talented, skillful, and we both know you deserve to be celebrated. It’s time to focus on stepping into your spotlight.

You have been so distracted with the day to day, dealing with all the things thrown your way, not making waves, not asking too much, and you’re feeling frustrated all the time. It’s boiling over and you are going to snap and say something out of anger. You’re complaining about your day, your coworkers, your boss, your business to anyone who will listen.

You are a diamond in the rough and it’s time to get polished and shine!

Don’t be a passenger in your journey, take the wheel and lead the way!

You want to feel confident, heard, valued and respected. You want to love your work, your team and not feel drained. You want the money you’re earning to reflect the effort you put in. You want to be OUTSTANDING!

So, let’s make this happen for you. Give yourself permission to change your life.

This is your moment to move past fears and elevate your game.

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Risha Yorke

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You stay in your comfort zone and this has made you invisible. You’re not making any progress being sidelined or ignored and it’s time to claim your spot as a dynamic leader.

Maybe you…

...Volunteer to pitch in and help team members only to watch them get rewarded for the work.

...Expect others to live up to your standards and get frustrated when they don’t.

...Are waiting for an opportunity to arise for development, elevation or promotion and those opportunities just aren’t coming your way.

...Are feeling lost, disengaged and generally apathetic about your work life and not sure what to do about it.

...Feel like every time you speak up and have an innovative idea, it’s shoved aside, ignored or accredited to someone else.

...Are taken for granted and never feel successful.

...Tired of being overlooked, passed over and underappreciated.


Let’s leave all that behind. It’s time to Lead Without Permission and get the happiness you deserve!

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You've Got This, and I've Got You

You don’t have to go through the Sunday night anxiety, dreading having to work the next day and wasting precious weekend time worrying, analyzing, and dwelling.

You can start to feel like you’re making an impact and get excited about your contributions to your work life, home life and relationships.

We can’t do anything all by ourselves, all it takes is for you to decide you’re ready for someone to offer guidance.

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I’m Risha Yorke and I’m here to make sure you never disappear into the background again.

I specialize in personal and professional development, I am a corporate trainer certified (CTC) Success Coach and I am Advanced Communication Skills Certified (ACSC). I will help you learn about yourself and incite growth and opportunity. As a scholar of character study, communication theory and temperament I am uniquely qualified to help you navigate the relationships that will lead to your success.

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It’s time to Lead Without Permission!

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I have been there…

I’ve worked in situations where I offered process improvements, streamlined workflow, and improved morale, only to be passed over for promotion (not once, not twice, but three times), given more responsibility without a raise or promotion, and taken for granted.

I’ve been in the situation where I get an above average performance review, but there’s just no place for me to move forward.

I’ve done the long hours, nose to the grindstone, thinking that all this demanding work, loyalty and dedication would pay off eventually. I had to pay my dues. I had to prove myself. Instead I ended up burnt out, disengaged and stifled.

I’ve managed teams that dismissed my authority, showed disrespect, or second guessed my direction.

I felt trapped, lost, frustrated, ignored, held-back and devalued.

It wasn’t just one job: it was with big corporations, small and medium sized businesses, start-ups, and even my own business!

The problem was with me, but I didn’t see it.

These situations taught me valuable life lessons that I can now impart to you.

I wasn’t sure how to make the change I knew I needed, but after years of training, self-education, reflection and experience...


I was able to build a formula for success!

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I am now living my dream and I want the same for you.

Everything I ever wanted became a reality. Now I…

...have a beautiful child, despite being told I’d be unable to have children

...Live in cottage country on the water – a dream I had always had, but couldn’t figure out how to achieve

...Make my own schedule that gives me the freedom I need to be happy

...Have a wonderful, supportive partner who elevates and celebrates me

...LOVE my job!

I know you can have all you ever wanted too...

...and my goal is to guide you to it. I believe it is there for your taking and it’s my life’s work to see you get it all!


I want to see you…

...Be a leader and take control of your future

...Make the salary you want

...Love going to work every day

...Feel surrounded by support and love

You need to realize that you can’t do this alone.

No one becomes an outstanding success alone.

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You are probably thinking…

“This won’t work for me…”

“It’s different for me...”

“I don’t have the resources…”

“My friends and family will help me get there…”

You know better.

You know it takes an objective mentor to help you see your way through this. You know that you need to take control before this frustration and hopelessness takes over your whole life.


You don’t want to waste any more years of your life being invisible, not living your dreams, unsure about your direction.


So, I created License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission.

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What is License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission all about? What can I expect?

During this 12-week transformational program, I will support you through an astounding personal development journey. You’ll receive skills and tools that will allow you to become a remarkable leader and you will be able to start to ask for what you want and get it! No longer hidden away, you’ll step into your own success with confidence!

In working with me you will master advanced ways of communication, changing your work, life and romantic relationships for the better! You are going to have so much joy boiling over in your cup, replacing your current frustration. You are going to be seen, be heard and be YOU.

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You will leave this program with:


A Positive and Powerful Mindset

You will transform your self-doubt, your disengagement and societal programming into a positive force. You will take the lead in life – unashamed to ask for all you have earned.


Self-Awareness and Renewed Perspective

Learning tools, theories and techniques will encourage you to forge a positive and vibrant picture of yourself. You will learn how to let that enterprising image radiate to all those around you.

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Confident Communication Skills

Being a great leader means working with all kinds of people and doing it with ease and authority. You will be able to effectively communicate with anyone in a way that will be impactful to them.

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A circle of Supporters

Through our online exclusive groups and access to roundtables, you will experience a group of supportive and loving, like-minded women who are going through the same thing you are. You will develop unique friendships, fresh connections and safely let your guard down with our outstanding group.


A Plan for the Life You Want and a Map to Get You There

You will have an idea of your perfect life. You will know what you want. You will have all the knowledge and instruction you need to hatch them into being.

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Visibility and Strength

Through the support of the program, you will step forward, and move with purpose like you never realized you could. Your life will be forever changed in 12 weeks. You will no longer need permission to be the amazing human you are.


You will gain so much from this adventure, I can’t possibly put it all into words!

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Throughout the 12 weeks with me, you’ll get:


Leadership and Success Training:

- Weekly modules including video training and workbooks.

- Self-assessment tools and guidance on using them.

- A curated reading list that supports the growth you will experience throughout the program.

1-on-1 Focus:

- Bi-Weekly 1 hour video chat or phone coaching sessions with Risha.

- 24/7 access to Risha via email with a 12-hour response time no matter where you are in the world for 12 weeks.

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A Community to Call Your Own:

- Access to the private Facebook group allowing you to share experiences and network with other women just like you.

- Weekly Group calls that bring you all together in round-table format, allowing you to learn from others and ask questions throughout the program.

Here is what our graduates are saying about License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission

Beth Grixti - EFT Practitioner/Emotional Success Coach

“I am shocked at what I’ve unlocked! Risha has managed to create a 12 week program that contains all the tools needed to break through that self help barrier I had been blocked behind. License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission has given me an entirely new self-perspective. I have always been working on self improvement, I’ve read so many books, I’ve done so many exercises, nothing seemed to really get me there. But the way each week builds in Risha’s program it’s like “a-ha” after “a-ha”! The foundation that is needed before building up is why this program works, and continues to work. Yes, even in twelve short weeks!”

Kathleen Pollard - Actor

Photo by pink monkey studios

Photo by pink monkey studios

“Risha's coaching will truly guide you towards finding your best life. I never thought of myself as a leader before taking her course (License to Succeed, Lead Without Permission). But I was shocked with the self discoveries I made and how many new tools I have at my disposal to lead in my life, career, personal relationships - and feel like the confident, successful person I am. Risha's energy is second to none; she is a motivator, cheerleader, sage and friend all in one. She inspires you to succeed every step of the way. I can't recommend this work enough!!”

Olivia Neal - Entrepreneur/Business Owner

“Participating in Licence to Succeed: Lead Without Permission was the best decision I made for both myself and my business. It not only shows you what YOU are capable of but it also gives you a whole box full of tools to bring on success and help knock down all of your tried and true excuses in the process! I will be unpacking all of the information, reflection, strategies and connections I made during those 12 weeks for years to come. It is an opportunity that keeps on giving. When I signed up I felt burnt out and lacked confidence in my ability to achieve my goals but each week, Risha helped me to realize where I was holding myself back and why. My confidence ballooned throughout the course and I left knowing I am worthy of success. Thank you for your continued support & wisdom!”


Jenn Hogg - Arts Administration/Production and Stage Manager


“ I had never thought of “goal setting” as something I needed or was interested in. I had associated “goals” with “stuff”, you know, big mansion, a pool…fancy car, that kind of stuff. I never thought that it was something for personal achievement and I realize goal setting can also be for…personal milestones: Health and relationships. I didn’t think I had goals, but I definitely do now!”

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And there is more! You will also receive the following bonus:

The “1 year later” 45min coaching call. Register today to receive a 1st anniversary coaching call. (Talk about being accountable to putting all this into practice.) You’ll have this call to look forward to and work towards.


Ok, so when I apply, then what?

When you apply for the License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission program you will receive an invitation to an initial consultation phone meeting. During this meeting we will be sure that this program is the right fit for you and your goals.

If, together, we decide you are the ideal client for this program, then we will decide on your payment process and book your first coaching session immediately. You will get access to the first week’s module and you will be on you way to your new life!

I am so excited to see you get everything you want! Are you ready to feel blissfully happy?

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How is this program different?

License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission sets itself apart from other programs by being adaptive and ever-evolving. It’s a life-changing experience that supports you through your growth every step of the way.

It combines theories from the four corners of the personal development landscape and allows you to experience the best of what the industry offers.

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I, Risha Yorke, have an out-of-the-box approach that is organic, inspirational and exhilarating.

By the end of this program, you’ll have the ability and momentum to bravely launch yourself to new successful heights in your career, your relationships and your life.

Throughout License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission, I’ll introduce you to human behavior theories, communication styles, mindset exercises, public speaking guidance and so much more to build a solid foundation of leadership skills.

You can sign up for a variety of leadership programs offered around the world, but I promise you, there is no other program like this. This experience brings together business theories, personal growth best practices, performing arts exercises and human behavior science in a way that has never been done before. Giving room for your discovery and growth in the process.

Your graduation from License to Succeed: Lead Without Permission will be the beginning of your amazing new life. You will step into the spotlight you deserve and finally live your life with the freedom of intent and purpose. You will overcome your past anxieties and obstacles with ease and grace.

You will have to work for it.

It’s not going to be an overnight change. (Nothing ever worth having is.)

There may be days where you forget how powerful you are. (We all doubt ourselves.)

But then…things will all start falling into place.

As you practice all you’ve learned, implement and build habits, a bright shiny, exciting world will reveal itself to you…and you’ll be astonished.

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You will be heard.

You will be respected.

You will start to see the change you are making in the world.

You will finally earn the big money you have been working so hard for.

You will be truly YOU and accepted for that, praised for that, loved for that.


THIS is my guarantee...



You are ready to Lead Without Permission if…

●       You’re tired of being overlooked, forgotten about or invisible.

●       You believe it’s time for a change. You can set your doubt aside and ask for help.

●       You are ready to work hard, be open to coaching and allow yourself to evolve.

●       You want to take control of your future and are done waiting for opportunities to land in your lap.

●       You want to know how to build effective personal habits that will make you a leader.


This program is not for you if…

●       You are still making excuses and apologizing for yourself. If you think you’re ok in the shadows, and are happy living there, I can’t help you.

●       You are skeptical about the results of this program. I KNOW it works. I KNOW it changes lives. If you don’t have faith in me, you’re not going to be open to all I have to offer.

●       You think this is a quick fix. It’s not. It’s the beginning. It’s the groundwork. It’s your jumping off point. You will need take responsibility for implementing it.

●       You think this will make you rich. It might, but that’s not the point and I’m not going to promise you millions of dollars. I am going to promise you a life that will allow you to have millions of dollars if that is the goal you choose.


You can stay hidden, invisible to all and...

● Be stuck, plateaued in your career.

● Continue to have frustration and anger build.

● Cause undue harm to your self-esteem.

● Damage relationships by acting out of passive aggression.

● Forgo reaching your goals.

● Not really know what you’re able to achieve.


Or you can say "NOT ME", be part of my program and...

● Step into your spotlight

● Realize your worth

● Stand up for yourself

● Bring value to the table

● Speak confidently

● Gain respect from those around you

and lead your life without permission.

You’ve waited long enough, and you don’t have to fade into the background.

You have permission to be amazing!

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Questions? Of course you do!

How will I receive the content of the program?

The content of this program will be distributed in a variety of platforms.

o   Through online video training modules and group calls.

o   Through workbooks to accompany each topic, giving you guidance on your journey to success. 

o   You will have phone and/or video 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Risha.

o   There is a reading list provided and you can choose how you want to procure that: library, eBook, audiobook.

o   You will also gain exclusive access to an online group through Facebook that will allow you to discuss with others taking the same course.


What about a payment plan? Is that something you offer?

We offer payment plans. We will discuss options prior to completing your order. You will find that the upfront fee offers more savings.


So, 12 weeks, 12 modules?

Yes, you will receive 12 modules in 12 weeks. You have some big things to accomplish here. I have allocated extra weeks to the modules where I felt you needed the time to digest the information. So I’ll give you 16 weeks to complete the program.


How strict is the schedule?

The expectation is that you finish the standard program in 12-16 weeks. I expect you to commit your time and be diligent about staying on task. Exceptions are made for medical emergencies, of course.


Why should I do this program?

Re-read all content above. If none of this resonates for you, this might not be for you.

If you feel a connection with what I’ve said, I think you know why you should do this program. You have a lot to offer and it’s hidden away. Developing skills to help you share all that wonderful knowledge and value you bring is integral to your growth.


I know I have more questions, but I don’t know what they are.

No problem. Click here to submit any other questions you might have. I’m happy to answer.

BUT, don’t dwell on the unknown. Decide to get your License to Succeed and Lead Without Permission!

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