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These generous comments are from our anonymous surveys from a course or a workshop.

“This program has changed my life in many ways so far. I have stopped saying sorry for basically existing and I realized I like me a lot more than I thought I did. Which is a big change”

"I found out HOW to achieve my goals which I'm really excited to put into practice."

"I've been able to actually feel like myself again after being depressed for so long. I actually feel genuinely happy and I feel really good about myself."

"Thank you for creating such a unique approach to this dreaded topic. The attention to detail in incorporating various learning techniques was incredibly valuable. And thank you for creating such a powerful space to comfortably learn and be (very) vulnerable :)"

"I like how you see things from all possible angles. You inspire me to think beyond my own realm of thought and you helped me to discover ways to do that. Today was wonderful. Thank you, Risha!"

"I liked how you were able to have me look at public speaking as a story and not as a presentation, I just spoke at a small business connect meeting with local business owners and received such great response, I just stood up there and told my story and why I am doing what I'm doing, I kept it real and this took away the typical nerves I have when trying to follow a "speech". ...all in all you have helped me with out question, not only for my public speaking but with finding out more about myself and why I do what I do. Thank you."

"Great job keeping audience engaged while introducing them to marketing topics that they need to understand."

"I have seen many coaches presenting and i really thought you were excellent! You presented a complex topic in a way that the average person understood. Lots of great interaction too! and Dinner was fantastic! Great job overall and i am looking forward to more from you!"

"Energy and momentum were great!!! Visuals were great! Little pads perfect for elevator speech. Warm fuzzies were so fun! Learned a lot and felt inspired for my own pitch! Thank you Risha!!!!"

"Well thought out, exceptional delivery."