Find Your Voice: Public Speaking Coaching


The Business Owner - $1200

2 Week Program

This program focuses on helping you as a business owner tell your story with confidence in an impactful way. A detailed program containing 1 on 1 assessment, practice, feedback and networking. 

The Meeting Room - $2000

2 Week Program

Own the meeting room with confidence! This program focuses on skills and tools that will make you a better presenter and contributor in the board room. Climb to the top of the corporate ladder or conquer your social anxiety. A combination of 1 on 1 assessment and coaching, online training, practice and feedback, culminating in a final presentation. 



The Podium - $4000

4 Week Program

Command the podium with this program. Learn to read the room, play to all learning styles and excel in public speaking. A program that combines 1 on 1 assessment, online training, education theory, practice and feedback, and storytelling. This culminates in a final presentation where all your hard work and learning will really shine.