Risha Yorke

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Risha Yorke is a passionate speaker who brings energy, excitement and humor to your event’s stage. She speaks about confidence, leadership, effective communication, best business practices, building company cultures, branding, personal development and so much more. She is energized by helping individuals and businesses develop and grow. With a history in stage directing, business consulting and organizational development, she combines these skills to provide unique insight to businesses and business leaders. Her unique brand of edutainment will be unforgettable and leave a lasting impression on your event’s attendees.

Risha is many things: A coach, a consultant, an entrepreneur, a mother, a bi-sexual, an advocate, an ally, a community member, an artist, a volunteer, an organizer and a leader.


Speaking Topics:

Lead Without Permission

Confidence and Leadership

There Are 4 Great Leaders in This World, YOU Are 1 of Them

How My Arts Background Helps Me In Business

Branding - Why who you ARE matters

Failing Your Way To Success

My Super Type A Attempt at Being Zen